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Welcome to Opti International. The mission of Opti International, LLC is to develop and market a measurement and feedback system which will provide individuals the tools to train themselves to reach their optimal performance.

For consistent optimal performance to occur, a harmony or coherence must exist between areas of the brain and other key variables such as the heart rate, motion, balance, the electrodermal response (skin), the club, the ball and the target. Dr. Debbie Crews’ research has shown that it is possible to allow a golfer to train himself/herself to “learn” these functions and thus perform at a higher level. Up until now, no comprehensive measurement and feedback system has been available to individuals who seek to accurately identify and achieve their ideal coherence or synergy between mind and body.

Over the past five years, our research team has designed a measurement and feedback system that solves this challenge The measurement and feedback system will also be available for multiple sports, medical applications and military/law enforcement training. Opti International, LLC owns an exclusive license to the patent pending technology.

Our engineers have planned development of seven separate measuring products that feedback data into a whole brain mapping and measuring system. These seven separate products will also be marketed as a fully integrated system.

The Company is presently offering new investors a 20% stock ownership in exchange for $1,000,000 of additional capital investment.

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